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Cool RSS Icons
Most websites nowadays provides RSS feeds, but not all has cool RSS icons. Thanks to Matt Brett, you can now download cool RSS Icons for free. It comes in different format too (AI, EPS, SVG, PSD, PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF), for your customization need.

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Always use the ALT tag

The ALT tag, sometimes referred as the alternative tag, goes inside image codes to tell search engines what the image is about. An example of an ALT tag is:

<img src="moon.gif" alt="Picture of the Moon"/>

Many people forget to add the ALT tag to images, and some ignore it altogether. This is a mistake because the ALT tag is used by search engines not only to identify images but also for keyword density purposes.

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The WebConfs website has a very useful list of “Best and Worst Practices for Designing a High Traffic Website.” Basically they collected all the major factors that might affect the search optimization of your site, attributing a score to them. The score ranges from -3, which is very bad for your site, to +3, which is very good. Below you will find a summary of the most important factors:
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Being a web-developer means not only being able to design web-sites or program their functionality. Sometimes it also means to be able to explain complex issues clearly and be able to present to your potential customers reasonable and convincing arguments – in order to find the best compromise between the customer’s wishes and the standards you respect. In fact, it is essential to make sure the customer understands which advantages you are actually offering and why this or that layout and markup are better for a given web-project.

Developing web-sites over the last few years, we’ve been stumbling over the same problem over and over again: how can I visualize my idea easily and quickly? Since human being is used to visualize things, trying to understand the idea behind them, recently we’ve spent hours googling for useful tools and tutorials which would help us to create images – mostly, diagrams, charts, chart-flows etc. Links checked: May/14 2008.

List of nifty tools for drawing diagrams, charts and chart-flows

List of nifty tools for drawing diagrams, charts and flow charts

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With the millions of websites on the internet, having a unique design is a must to get your visitors’ attention. The following sites displayed below are the few that I personally find inspiring. What made them unique is they used various traditional art techniques and applied to modern web design technology. The result is breathtaking and simply beautiful.

Artistic gallery

I made a large screenshot of the sites in case they redesign their sites. Click on the thumbnail to view the large image, click on the URL to visit the live site.


Previously I showed you some artistic websites that applied traditional art techniques to web design. Now let’s take a look at the Flash sites where they used Flash technology to put their art in motion.

Artistic Flash gallery

Click on the thumbnail to view the large image, click on the URL to visit the live site.