[Windows only] TVU Networks offers free TV service, that means with a computer running Windows (XP or 2000), you can download their Player software and watch TV shows and programs that you can only get from cable TV and satellite. TVU is free, and no registration is required, however it’s encouraged to do so.

TVU Networks Channels

TVU covers too many channels to be listed here. If you just check out the channel page, they guys covers more programs that you can imagine; from news to sports, musics, lifestyle, networks, cartoons, etc. There’s even a chinese network too. That means you can watch channels like Star TV, CCTV, Phoenix Movie, TVBS, ETTV Entertainment News and more. Oh did I also mentioned you can watch Euro Cup 2008 live?

Getting Started

All you need is just the player (download here), install and off you go. Do check with the system requirements though.

System Requirements:

1) Broadband Internet service (cable or DSL)

2) Windows 2000, XP or Vista

3) Windows Media Player (version 9+)

4) Microsoft IE (version 6+)