It seems like the site has turn itself into some kind of a spam? Few readers have reported that the urls-bunched were junk, and I’ve tested it again today and they were right; the site has no longer bunching our URLs. No more link love from me, but the content stays to keep awareness of this service.

Thanks for the alert guys.

We’ve mentioned about a similar service called AFewURLs, but the output was rather lengthy, so here’s something we thought better. When you have more than one link or URL to share with your friends and peers, instead of pasting them repeatedly you can group them up in one-bunch and share with a single URL. Urlbunch is a free service that groups multiple URLs together, and output a simple and short URL. Think of it as a URL shortening service that also compiles multiple URL into one.

It’s pretty straight forward how Urlbunch works. Just insert as many URL as you want, click the ‘bunch together‘ and voila, you now have multiple URLs in one single URL.