Tips submitted by: Dan.

One common obstacle on any attempt to create a IM group chat is the incompatibility of chat client used among our peers/friends; majority might be using MSN, but some have only Yahoo IM or Gtalk installed. Although there are workaround for this, but inconsistency and connectivity has always been a problem.

Here’s a web chatroom service that solves the problem – TinyChat. The typical IM chatroom requires you and your friends to share the same IM client, but with Tinychat you just need a browser – IE, Safari, Firefox or even Opera. We played with TinyChat for a while and we thought creating a group chat couldn’t get any simpler.

How TinyChat Works

To start a chatroom, just hit the “Click to Create your Chatroom” button and you are given an URL immediately. The URL serves as an invitation. With the correct URL, people can then join the chatroom you created. Isn’t it simple?

Here are some cool features we also see in TinyChat:

  • Twitter tweets supported
  • Chat log saving
  • Able chat to website
  • Supports basic emoticons

Visit TinyChat.