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More and more bloggers and webmasters are using RSS syndication to convert their weblog visitors into regular readers. However before you can start getting them to subscribe, you’ll need to first catch their attentions. Obvious and catchy RSS icon can be a good start. It is pretty straight forward that if a RSS icon (or button) is big enough and positioned highly on the upper fold, they tend to be more effective.

Here’s a showcase of free RSS icons you can use for your weblog, or if you are still using the typical RSS icon on your site, it’s probably time to change. Full list after jump.


FeedIcons provides complete sets of standard RSS Icons in almost all image formats – AI, EPS, SVG, PSD, PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF.

RSS icon (Animated)

Mess with your readers with these animated RSS icons, by Abdussamad.

Glossy RSS icon

RSS Dock Icon

Available sizes: 256×256 and 512×512 PNG Format.


mycircles RSS


RSS with reflection

FeedIcons 2

Acid RSS

Ojingogo RSS Icon

Grudge Style RSS Icon


DataMouse Web 2.0 RSS Icons

FastIcon – Social Bookmark Icons

3D RSS Icons

Top Corner RSS Icons

Available sizes: 256×256, 128×128, 96×96, 80×80, 72×72, 64×64, 48×48, 32×32, 24×24, 16×16

51 RSS Icons for weblog

Flat 3D Feed Icons

Color RSS Icons by NewsNiche

RSS by Hopka

Feed Icons for guitarists

Stylish RSS Icons by StylishLab

Alternative RSS Icons by MouseRunner

RSS Icons Orb v2

RSS Feed Badge

Perishable Press Collection of Feed Icons

RSS Icons by simdes

RSS Icons by Sking

Snap2Objects Vector RSS Icons

NewsFire Replacement Icon

Mini RSS Icons by xeddddyx

4 Colors RSS Icons by Valen

RSS Icon by petemh

Web 2.0 RSS Icon with PSD

RSS Icons pack by graphix

RSS Icons pack by bittbox

Christmas RSS Icon

Heart Shape RSS Icons

RSS Reader Icon

World Biggest RSS Icon

DIY: RSS Icons

Here’s some tutorials and web service to create your own customized RSS feed icons.

Photoshopcandy: Design Vista style glassy and vibrant RSS feed icon

Create RSS Icon allows you to create customize RSS icons by filling up the form.

RSS Graphic Tool

Yet another online service to create customize RSS Icon